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Problems booting to installer

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Hi guys, 


I've been using niresh's version of hackintosh since 10.9, both in AMD as in Intel setups. I bought a new ultrabook (LG Z460-G, core i7 3551U, 4Gb RAM, 128Gb SSD + 320Gb HDD).


When I try to install yosemite (hackintosh) on my desktop top, everything runs well and osx works flawlessly. When I try the same on my ultrabook, I can't boot the USB. I tried everything in my UEFI, but nothing works..


If I try to boot only a Clover bootable pendrive, I can choose the other pendrive (one with niresh's 10.10), but the os installer does not start. 



Do you guys have any clue what to do? I tried Olarila's version, but I get stuck at the broken logo after apple logo, so probably if I can start niresh installer from a basic clover bootable USB, I can get my hackintosh working =D



Thanks for any help

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