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Kaleb Saw

One great big list of "Help me"s!

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Hi, I've managed to get Yosemite installed and it's working great... except for a few things.


1) iMessage - When I try to log in, it gets stuck trying to complete the log in after I enter my password.


2) WiFi - I have an Intel Centrino N 100 WiFi card. I know that there was issues with the Centrino cards in earlier releases of OS X, but is there a fix for that? 

              I've tried the All in 1 Network solution download that Niresh uploaded, but that just crashes after some sort of panic and I have to restart my machine.


3) Microphone - The inbuilt microphone is echoing out the speakers all the time. I've found that in the VoodooHDA settings you can turn off the monitoring, but that doesn't stay set how I put it after a restart; I have to reset it every time.


4) Trackpad - Is there a way that I can use the multi-touch gestures on my built in trackpad? When I was running Windows I was able to perform two and three finger actions for scrolling and other features.

                       Is there a way to utilize this? My laptop is an ASUS X53E.

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