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Remove Clover or fix it?

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i have a fully working OS X 10.10.2 install and decided to install the clover boot loader using MacP0ison for yosemite 2.1. After i installed it and i select my os from the boot screen, it wont boot and just hangs. I can still boot into os x using the usb key i used for the install. How do i remove clover or how do i find out what is wrong and fix it? It gets stuck at ACPI: Sleep states ....  


What other bootloader should i use? Is chameleon better?


I have a Z420 HP Desktop with a Sandy Bridge CPU e5-1620 V1 3.6GHZ and Quadro K4000


Another question which is not really related, my video card shows 0 vram even tho i loaded the nvidia drivers and i seem to get graphic acceleration and all. I read somewhere it could be that the usb key uses  graphicsenabler=no by default. Is there a command i can try to override that or will a work bootloader fix that for me?







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