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James T. Kirk©

Doesn't boot anymore?? Something broken?

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This morning used the Hackintosh for about 30 minutes, and shut off, totally normal, nothing different.


After coming home this afternoon, it went to:


Boot:0 GPT
Boot:0 Done
And then stopped at "|" with a cursor blinking under it. (usually goes to Niresh boot menu) After several tries, sometimes "" with cursor blinking.
I have another Niresh bootsector on a different drive, but it does exactly the same.
Even my install USB disk does the same.  I can't find anything changed in the BIOS. I tried to start from a Linux boot cd (external USB DVD burner), but that looked like it couldn't read the cd all of a sudden. I could only boot from grub to a Linux disk. I'm quite in a panic, as this is my WORK DESKTOP! It worked pretty well for several weeks! (See my former review) with a few minor probs...
I managed to get into Clover through pressing "3" during boot, but that does not start a installation, not my main, nor my backup. Just a black screen. Help!
Posting from a sluggish Netbook on Linux...

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I can understand it's busy here, but still a bit disappointed that nobody could point me in the right direction today, after hours and hours of browsing the web, I found the problem maker! 



On page two, the person with a similar problem disconnected other discs then the boot disk and then started to connect his other discs one by one and it proved to be the Time Machine© disc. I disconnected my Time Machine© disc and indeed, it started up again. I only don't understand why I worked OK this morning. Did Time Machine more then just make a backup of my installation disc? in my iStat menu's at unmounted discs I saw before with unmounted discs; 2 "EFI discs", but now just one left, and I really have no idea what these are...


See my picture:




When I used my Time Machine© disc, there were two of these!


Now how do I use my Time Machine© disc again, except using the Scan Single Drive flag, as I want to be able to use the boot loader to pick the right disc.


Someone said: 



Diskutil complains the disk has lost its EFI partition.



Why would my disc need such a partition? And how do I put that back, if I can figure out to start my computer with this disc attached anyway?

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