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3 problems: Video, sleep and moving video files through USB 3.0

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Used to run 10.8.2. on MSI P55-GD65 main board and GeForce GTX 275 896 MB (dual DVI out) pretty perfectly, only the USB 3.0 card stopped working after a while. I did just the upgrade from 10.8.2. to Niresh 10.9.5. and sleep worked perfectly. I also saw my USB 3.0 card worked again!


One of the first problems I had though, was that I had to disconnect my second DVI cable ( GeForce GTX 275 896 MB) which runs to my HDMI receiver in the living room, as after a while the picture decided to blow up in size, but narrow it's widths and become unsharp. When I checked the monitor, it is still 1680x1050. After unplugging the second cable and log out, log in, all is normal. 


Then I got a nag screen by Little Snitch and decided to remove LS according to its uninstaller! (rebuilding this and that) I wish I never did that! My BIOS was reset(!!) and I had to figure out how all the settings were, before I could start up again. To my great shagrin, my sleep did not work anymore. Stil haven't found out, how to fix that, as adding "sleep enabler.kext" was no solution. :-(


Another problem I encountered, is that I cannot move video files to my Samsung D3 station using USB 3.0. All other files seems to work without problem. Using  the command line in Terminal, did remove my mouse pointer and froze the whole system, had to do hard reset!  The same disk under USB 2.0 did not cause problems though with moving video files (although way slower). Is it the Samsung disk, is it the kext, or just incompatible hardware ( Samsung interface or my USB card with NEC chip)


Would be great if I had these 3 problems solved, for the rest I quite like the--for the rest--worry free install.

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