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Some problems after installing.

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First, my pc specs:


-AMD Fx 6300

-Nvidia GTX 660

-8GB ram

1-TB hdd (3 partitions, 2 windows, 1 mac).




Error 1:


The microphone seems to not be working, well, if I set gain in VoodooHDA I can hear me, but I can't use the microphone in programs, nothing is transmitted, if I go to sound settings and I talk, it doesn't seem to be any sound.


But Sound is working 100%.



Error 2:


After installing I was having a Boot0:error (like when I installed Mavericks), to solve that I reset Windows 8.1 boot and I entered to Easy BCD, I make a new entry for mac and set it for MBR.


When selecting mac partition it says: Chain booting error.


I just entered to EasyBCD, deleted that entry and added a new one, now with EFI mode.


When selecting mac partition Chameleon seem to be working, but can't boot into mac, as I think it says something about a missing kernel.



Well, that are my 2 errors, if u can solve it I'll be grateful.

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