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After install of ethernet kext Yosemite zone 10.10 will not boot

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Hey guys! So I successfully installed yosemite zone on my pc for the second time...First time it auto installed the kext for my PCI Realtek RTL8105E now for some reason it didnt install it the second time around. so I search and find a kext that matches my hardware https://www.maconpc.com/files/file/597-realtek-pcie-x1-lan-rtl8105e/now after I installed it I restarted my pc and now it just loads the "reading HFS+ files" then reboots.I added a boot flag and it seemed to have fixed upon booting it would read the HFS+ and glitch and skew the text and just hang lol couldnt find anything on why that happened but anyways any suggestions? thank you.

here are my specs

AMD athlon II x4 640

8 GB of RAM 

GT 430 

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