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Audio Distortion Related to CPU?

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Alright I have the following specs:


Motherboard: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=4716#sp

CPU: A6 6400k

Graphics: ATI Radeon 6770


So my issue has been distorted sound, like it plays but its distorted enough to not want to let you listen too it. While this processor has 2 CPUs I been trying everything to fix the Audio even adapters that always work on mac and no luck. Well today I just felt like "maybe its my processor..." and so I booted with "CPUS=1" and OMG sound worked perfect except for a few application notifications causing sound to pause but omg it worked...


So I am wondering, is it that my A6 is just like the bar min of the A series to get sound working? If so I can spend a bit of money and upgrade to a higher A series like an A8 or a lower end A10... 


Oh and just to point out, EVERYTHING works FLAWLESSLY but my Audio distortion... I am not running in CPUS 1 because I am not sure if it hurts my process or not. But please advise! 


Thanks in advance, you all rock!!!

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