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Mavericks isn't booting up

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sorry for the title. Don't know how to describe it any better.


My PC Build:

- Gigabyte 970A - DS3

- AMD Phenom II BE 955

- R9 270X





After trying to install Yosemite and failing I thought maybe Mavericks will work. 

The installation worked fine. The problems began at first time booting up after installation. I got Blackscreen and the system won't start. I did as in the guide advised:


 If You're Stuck at DSMOS Has Arrived

Reboot Using "-s" Kernel Flag (Without The Quotes)

type "fsck -fy" press enter (Without The Quotes)

type "mount -uw /" press enter (Without The Quotes)

type "grafix backup all" press enter (Without The Quotes)

type "reboot" press enter (Without The Quotes)

This will Enabler VESA Graphics You'll Have to Manually Install Your Graphics Kexts


After that fix and bootflag -x my OS X booted up. Problem now is its slow, I think my Graphics don't work as intended.  My network is working, which is nice.

I downloaded the r9 270x driver https://www.maconpc.com/files/file/208-amd-radeon-r9-270-270x-series/and installed it. 

Installation was successful but it still only boots up with bootflag -x. The graphics are still laggy and all, so my guess is that the driver/the graphic card still don't work as they should.

The resolution changed and if I don't do any action it looks quite nice.


Do you guys have any suggestions? Is my PC-build just not compatible to get a Hackintosh running?



EDIT: OSX is now booting up without -x and without any bootflags at all... BUT Graphics are still laggy, seems like the AMD R9 270X is not working with OSX. 

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@Eloquenz I understand this is a really late reply (sorry, I went offline for a while) - but I just took another look at your post.

It looks like your driver isn't working as you're having too boot into safe mode (-x), so that's why it's laggy as safe mode probably isn't running that driver.


Try this:

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