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Vanilla Install Boots with Macpwn not Chameleon

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I am having an issue where a vanilla installation of 10.10 won't boot and halts on appleintelcpumanagement and it gives me a warning about HPETs. I have enabled force HPET and it used to work in 10.8.5. Does one need a DSDT to have chameleon boot the system? I can't use chameleon to extract a DSDT when booting with MacPwn. I have read people have trouble with LGA 775 processors.


Q9550 Xeon

Quadro FX 4800



Kext used are for NULLCPUPOWER and FAKESMC as well as LNX2MAC realtek drivers,


What is the major difference between MacPwn and Chameleon? I don't have mach_kernel set in chameleon and I feel I may just be missing something new with yosemite config. Any help is majorly appreciated. I am up and running but I would love to use chameleon to boot!



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