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Always configuring hackintosh every restart after 'successfully' installing Yosemite with Undefined error: 0

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My system:

Intel i5-4460 haswell

4gb ram

Nvidia gt730 2gb

Mobo asus



After finally clean install the system, the Yosemite finally installed with the Undefined error: 0 when installing

I can boot to the Yosemite via Darwin boot loader, not the Clover one. The Clover boot loader didn't came up.

Every time I restarted my system after the first configuration phase, I still get into that phase every restart.

Should I clean install again or there's a fix?

Btw, I've restored my data after installation via Time Machine backup.

I'll wait for the help :)

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I have the i5-3570K Ivy Bridge and had the same problem when using the onboard graphics.

I went with a ASUS  GTX650TI-O-1GD5 video card, using the DVI port, and the install worked.

The software doen't like the onboard graphics.

I am booting with an HDMI (at the monitor) to DVI cable and still no problem.

I also ran into an ethernet problem, or so I thought, during the first install.

After the first reboot it works, evidently the os needed to update first.

I don't know if this will work for the Haswell version.

Good Luck!

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