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Francisco Javier Olmedo

Problem with installation in amd

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I guys, i got a big problem... I boot sucessfull yosemite usb... but my problem is that i use this commands:


/amd64 -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes maxmem=4096 USBBusFix=Yes but when the installer was finish.. say me that have a problem during installation 0.


but when i use this command and use -x the installation finish sucessfull but when i reboot the bootloader is like the usb installator, black screen and white letters and i need put again the command for boot the system.


When i install sucesfull the system i broke the installation for use multibeast not correctly and now i want to install again.


I read a lot of topics with the similar problem with amd on this forum but can help me??? 

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