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Fix graphics driver problem on Hackintosh

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Nvidia GPU is much better compared with AMD GPU when it comes to hackintoshes. This is because of the large user network, developers and compatibility of Nvidia.

However, installing the correct graphics drivers while making a hackintosh can be a bit challenging. This is so as some of the Nvidia Graphics Drivers, as well as AMD Graphics Drivers, don't stand good with certain Mac OS versions. So when installing Mac OS on any hackintosh, you'll have to turn off the graphics drivers pluggin. Further you'll have to use a kext to make the graphics drivers work.
Nvidia provides Nvidia Cuda Driver for parallel processing activities and Nvidia Web Driver for hackintoshes which can be downloaded online. But finding the right package and installation can be bit challenging.
I decided to add an Nvidia Geforce G210 graphics card to my hackintosh running Yosemite. I had to struggle a lot to find the drivers and even then I had problems with installation as a " package version not for your mac " message and forced stopped installation.
So after a lot of research, I found out how to fix nvidia graphics drivers on hackintosh. I know that a lot of people face this graphics driver hackintosh compatibility issue, so I have made a video guide.
By this video, you can install nvidia graphics drivers on hackintosh Mojave, Catalina, High Sierra and all versions including Mavericks.


#graphics #nvidia #hardware #highsierra #sierra #elcapitan #yosemite #mavericks #hackintosh

Hope this video will help everyone who have problems installing and configuring graphics drivers on hackintosh. 



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