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have a radeon gpu? kext to kick you performance up to 40%

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HI everyone did you hear about this crazy kext that kick your radeon gpu performance???

i've install it using propertree in opencore 0.5.8
i've copy RadeonBoost.kext to EFI/OC/Kexts
and command+R in propertree to update the config.plist
the same process is with clover if you already install kext in clover

my hackintosh rx 5700 gaming 8gb jumped in results

here are the results. from geekbanch

before using RadeonBoost

after using RadeonBoost


all the credits belongs to CMMChris from insanelymac.com
here is the link to his post


good speed.

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Hey this is awsome! Could you please help me do it I got Opencore catalina build on ryzen 9 and RX 480

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