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Connected USB Device Problems

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i've looked all across the internet for a solution to my problem but no one else seems to be having this issue. Now i'm totally new to this whole OS X on VM thing so this might be a silly question but here i go :


I've installed a virtual OS X Mavericks on a virtualbox VM (Niresh Mavericks of course) that itself runs on windows 7 pro and it everything works perfectly fine. I've created iPhone apps using Xamarin Studio and xCode, all works well and smooth, perfect so far! The next logical step once simulators work fine is to test the app on an actual device right? Well here's where i encounter my problem.


When i connect my iPhone device in the physical machine (host) it sees it fine, asks me what i want to do with the device files, etc. I added a filter to my VM so that it detects the device as well, which works fine. When i connect the device, it even opens iTunes and Image Capture WITHIN the VM's OS, but that's as far as it goes : the device isn't seen by any of the aforementioned softwares, and i even tried looking in the "computer" directory within Mavericks but the "Device" subdirectory only contains a VBOXADDITION_4. ISO Image, no actually connected physical devices.


SOMETIMES i get a message telling me that a device has been detected but cannot be identified, but when it happens, it's only after i let it connected there for a good 5 minutes and all it suggests is to disconnect the device and reconnect it, which then brings me back to the beginning of this whole thing. I've added a screenshot showing that the VM actually detects the device but the softwares within it don't, I can provide more if needed for any reason.


Has anyone ever had a similar problem before?


Sorry if this is not in the good forum section, and thanks in advance,



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