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BIOS Settings for Legacy MotherBoards

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These BIOS Settings only apply for Hackintoshes that uses Chameleon as boot-loader. These settings are required for Clover legacy boot-loader too. 


Restart computer and keep pressing Delete key to enter BIOS Setup.


  • Load Optimized Defaults because this will reset BIOS to factory settings.
  • Enable CSM in BIOS
  • Set HPET to ON or Enabled in BIOS
  • Set HPET Mode must be 64-Bit
  • Set SATA  as AHCI
  • Change Execute Disable Bit to Enabled (also known as XD Function)
  • Set Max CPUID Value Limit to Disabled
  • Set BIOS EHCI Handoff to Enabled
  • Set Legacy USB Support to Enabled



The above setting is only valid for MotherBoard's with Legacy BIOS.

If you have a MotherBoard with UEFI BIOS view UEFI BIOS Settings for Hackintosh

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