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Mac on PC

Hackintosh Introduction

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Hackintosh Introduction

Mac is An Apple computer. macOS is The operating system for Mac computers. Running macOS in a typical computer is Hackintosh.



Why use a Hackintosh

Hackintosh are inexpensive alternative to Mac. Macs are usually expensive, You can build a powerful computer for lesser money.



Is Hackintosh Stable

Yes, for most of the time it is stable. but you need to have some technical knowledge to handle a Hackintosh, once it setup it will run smoother.



How cheap is a Hackintosh?

About 40-50% than a Mac computer.



How to Install a Hackintosh?

You can get started with Hackintosh by downloading and Installing one of the following.


Catalina Hackintosh

Mojave Hackintosh

High Sierra Hackintosh

Sierra Hackintosh


Download more here

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