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Error occured while running scripts from 'dart0.pkg'

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First of all, im new on the forums so i dont know if i placed this thread correctly. If so, please move it and im sorry!

Anyway, here is my problem!
When i want to install Mac On PC (high sierra) i run into a error message right at the end of the installation:

'An error occurred while running scripts from the package "dart0.pkg" '

I've googled for 2 days now, but i can't really find any information about the problem i have. I do not run into any problems while booting from the USB and the installer loads just fine.

Can anyone help me out with a good explaination of 'Dart0.pkg', what it is, what it does and how i can fix this?

Bootflags (default one by the boot USB)
-v, dart=0, -darkwake=0, -disablefxfirmware

Also, the bootflags say something about a 'dart' thing (dart=0?). Might that be something or am i guessing wrong?
I also tried to remove dart=0

I unchecked all the Graphics kexts since UHD630 is supported in High Sierra
I read something about USB3.0 and Dart0.pkg so i unchecked that after some tries aswell.

PC Specs
Gigabyte Z370P
Intel Core i5 8600k

Thanks in advanced <3

The installer doesn't let me save a error log to my external HDD -> No permission

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How to fix this error dart=0


Firstly,  erase your partition to install the OS on it. ( .......................... journal)

2. Close the disk Utility 

3. Click (select, choose) on the partition to install your OS on it.

4. After your selection, Click on Customize on the left low corner of the installation page.

5. Drop down ........... OS (the type of OS )

6. Locate bootloader and unchecked all.

7. Move to graphics and unchecked all.

8. Unchecked usb 3.0 (or if combined with 2.0) unchecked both.

9. Click on Accept. (At the bottom right) 

10. NOTE: (don't click on anything else except) INSTALL.

11. As the installation begins, try to click on your mouse or trackpad every one to two minutes till the installation completes. 

It helps the installation to not halt or freeze. 


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