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Can’t boot Windows

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Hello , i have a big problem , help me please, i have installed properly Mac OS Sierra , but now i can’t boot Windows 10, when i click on a image , which has written for example boot Windows from legacy hd3 , it blocks on an image with the Apple sign on an hard disk image, and when i enter the bios i can’t see tue hard disk in boot options, how can i add Images?


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I had an issue very similar to this actually. I'm going to assume you are using an EFI motherboard?
Before you go through with any of this, please let me know if you have any other operating systems, hard drives, or if you have BIOS instead of UEFI.
When I installed macOS Sierra onto my laptop, it decided to overwrite the ESP partition. I'm not 100% sure why that is, but that's what happened.
I had to download the Windows 10 installer onto a USB, and use the installer to re-download the boot files for Windows.
If you go into there, you can access the Command Prompt and run these commands. (It should work, but every PC is different.)

>sel vol 0
>list vol
Here, find your ESP and it's corresponding number.
>sel vol (number)

>assign letter=(whatever letter you want, as long as it's not being used)

>cd /d (letter of drive):/EFI
---> Use a command to list what is in the EFI folder. If there's a folder called "Microsoft", go into it, and make sure there are files in there. Most likely there isn't, though.

---> If there is a Microsoft folder, cd into /EFI/Microsoft/Boot, and type:
>bootrec /FixBoot

---> If there is no folder, use mkdir to create the Microsoft folder, and then the Boot folder within that one. Then type:
>bcdboot c:\Windows /l en-us /s (letter of drive you want to boot from, AKA the Windows drive): All

Once that's done, you should be able to just go into Clover settings after a reboot, and it should show another Windows option.
Unfortunately, I had 2 of these drives. I believe this is Clover detecting the recovery drives, as I have an HP laptop.
Let me know if this works ;)


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