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How to run Sierra Hackintosh on USB

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How to run Sierra Hackintosh on USB

Hi there

I'm trying to install a copy of the Sierra Hackintosh not on a Hard Drive but on a USB drive.

Here's what I'm using:

Laptop: Asus / Intel Core i5-3210M 2.5GHz / Nvidia GeForce 610M 2GB / RAM 12GB / SSD 500GB

USB: Kingstone HyperX Savage 64GB

What I did:

I followed the guide to install it on a HDD and there a USB is used to install the OS on the HDD. That's why I'm using another USB to install the OS on my USB HyperX.

To install it Plugged both the USBs on my laptop and then completed the installation process installing the OS on the HyperX.

After that the laptop restarts, but if I boot the HyperX alone it will tell me to reboot using a proper boot option.

I checked using TransMac if the USB actually has the OS installed in, and it does.

So here's the problem:

Can I install the Sierra Hackintosh on my USB drive? How can I boot it correctly?

I'd like to be able to run Sierra by just plugging that HyperX onto any computer.


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