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I got this problem and i need help Please

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Check how your BIOS is configured to boot (UEFI/EFI or Legacy) and choose the appropriate version of boot loader.

Strongly recommended to go with EFI/UEFI and it is up to you to choose the boot loader (i prefer clover)

Let us know the outcomes. Also paste the log file (windows -> log, show all)

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Try clover though or a vanilla with macPwn Sierra give it a try


As following the computer says it has no bless setting for the primary boot program was found.


Maybe this will work


Try vanilla installer

2. Clover boot menu maybe also useful

3. Look to the partitions maybe Sierra has problems with startup disk

4. Reuse transmac to restore it again back to usb whatever you use

So maybe partition the disks good

Disconnect any other cd disk or usb maybe interrupting processes 


And no it has nothing todo with uefi/legacy booting option in bios

It's Sierra that fails the installer has no options to complete or try other disk or install source uninstall every other os to make it work.

If it still happens feel free to mention me

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