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ATHR: unknown locale: 809c

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ATHR: unknown locale: 809c

Hey, guys! 

I'm' trying to run the Sierra installer, but I keep getting stuck at "ATHR: unknown locale: 809c" (when opening the installer)

I have Yosemite installed atm. and it runs very well. I just need Sierra, to run on the latest software updates that require 10.12

Can you tell me what it is, or how to fix it?


I'm booting with these boot flags: Default +  npci=0x3000 DSDT=DSDT.fake

+ All boot flags checkboxes are unchecked, otherwise, it wouldn't boot at all. (strange??)



- AMD fx 8210

- m5A99X EVO R2.0

- Ram: Kingston Hyper beast 8 GB

- Gtx 660 Msi twin frozr 3

- 500gb HDD



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