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What smbios to choose for skylake and pascal graphics card

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What smbios to choose for skylake and pascal graphics card


quick question from me,

I recently started getting back to hackintoshing as Nvidia made pascal graphic drivers public so I could finally use my GTX1060 in a hackintosh. (My R9-270X died in the european heatwave of last year...)

For the sysdef I chose iMac14,2 as it was automatically selected and worked out of the box for me, (iMac 17,1 ((I believe, could be 17,2)) is based on Skylake, so here comes my question)

Should I choose iMac 17,1 should I stick to 14,2 or should I go for something completely diffrent. The problem for me comes when I pull the system from sleep, when I do the graphics gets really slow and buggy (almost as if it defaults to the macOS standard drivers). Any advice? :thinking:

!!!The system sleeps well and everything but the graphics work when pulled from sleep!!!


System specs:

Gigabyte H110M-s2h DDR3

I5-6400 -> ACPI patched

12GB DDR3 1600Mhz

GTX1060 armor from MSI -> Nvidia Web Drivers

some TP-Link wifi adapter -> ToledaARPTEnabler.kext

Thanks in advance





Another question, should I make a post explaining how to install MacOS on this hardware?




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