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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys, Wanting to get my hackintosh to work for a while, but im not getting any luck. I already installed from a penboot (made from a mac), but when i boot from clover it gets the Apple logo and then the prohibited sign... What to do? I installed it on a Samsung 840 Evo 250gb. Thnaks!
  2. Graphics Bug I successfully installed yosemite zone and successfully updated to 10.10.5 Now i have intel hd 4000 graphic card working but with big issue,there is problem with display,would any one help on it? I have nvidia gt 720m along side but i keep it disabled so i can boot the system
  3. AMD Radeon 7770 bug graphics Hello all, Hope you are well ! I have install Sierra on my AMD computer. My config : Mother Board ; M5A78L-M/USB3 Processor : AMD FX(tm)-4170 Quad-Core Processor Graphics Card : AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series - AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x683D) RAM : 10 GB The install was successful and I boot on Mac with the bootloader Enoch R2848 and boot flag: -v npci=0x2000 Sound, internet work great but the graphics don't work well, I have no acceleration graphics and bug (see capture): http://hpics.li/b31df24 Can you please help me to add kexts or other? Thanks a lot in advance, Have a nice day, Léonard
  4. MacOS Sierra bless boot program error This is the error i keep getting, my PC has a AMD Radeon R2 grapics and a AMD Radeon core with 1.5GHZ, my bootflags are "-v npci=0x3000 PCRootUID=0 Kernel=kernel.amd kcsuffix=amd kext-dev-mode=1 dart=0 cpus=1" I got a custom config.plist downloaded from a forum i forgot the link, i got custom made AMD kexts from the maconpc.com and i use Transmac on windows to create the installer from the Sierra.dmg from niresh sierra, i formatted the HDD 500GB in the right style but keep getting this, anyone knows a fix? Link to the error picture
  5. bug in sierra zone installer I installed mac os sierra successfully but It doesn't boot. I have to disable sierra zone to complete install. with sierra zone installer stop at last stage "script error cannot move nvidia.pkg" I already tried platform-id=0x19160000 and with the patch from rehman github. but it got stuck in this screen. goo.gl/fwOP5U my laptop is hp ay542tu Thankyou.
  6. Nothing happens when I click the arrow in "Select language" in installation Hi again. I'm using the new version that fix the amd kernel bug (I suppose, I couldn't try haha) but now I can't install Sierra Zone, in the first step of set de language, when I click the arrow nothing happens, only a little freeze and it keeps there, with the "Welcome" signs moving. I'm trying flashing the pendrive again, but meanwhile I open this post. My PC: Windows 10 64bits Processor Intel® Core™ i7-4790 AMD Radeon R9 270 DDR3 16 GB 128 GB SSD
  7. Okay, first off: I am using a Lenovo thinkpad G780 with an Intel Core i3 2,2 GHz and Integrated Graphics 3000 and an nVidia GT 635M Graphics card. I have managed to install Yosemite Niresh using Transmac, installed Drivers with Multibeast. Now i am stuck with the graphics: Either I disable Integrated Graphics and everything looks alright, but is insanely laggy (In the "About Mac" Tab, it says Graphic: 5MB), or i enable them, and OSX runs fast (QE/CI enabled), but the screen is distorted (can only see one half, stretched on x axis and upset on y axis) and strange colored bars are all over the screen (colors are messes up generally). When i enable the nVidia card, it says "nVidia ROM Patching Failed" at boot... could not find a working solution for that, so I stopped trying it w/ nVidia. I have googled and searched the forums for literally HOURS, but could not find any working way to fix this. Thank you in advance, oh, i have tried GraphicsEnable=Yes and =No, same with IGP. Will either toggle use of nVidia card, or make the system unbootable at all (depending on if i enabled compatible graphics in BIOS). cLux
  8. Hey there! So I seem to have an issue with my Yosemite Zone bootloader.. Whenever I boot to my USB, it seems to get stuck at the little loading sign it makes just before entering the bootable menu. If anyone knows how to fix this please help! My specs: Dell Optiplex 755 Modified Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz, 8GB Ram, GTX 750ti, Windows 10, I also have 3 Harddrives in which I want to put Mac OSX on one of them.
  9. hello, i had been installed DMG yosemite 10.10.1 to my usb disk via mactrans by restore function after reboot my pc i press enter to install then this logo show up and hang like 15 min i tried to reboot, remake usb disk but not work anyone help my system: msi x99 SLI i7 5820k gskill 16gb VGA 650gtx (upgrade to 970gtx soon ) ssd liteon 120gb
  10. The title explains it all: My font is font is messed up in Safari. I presume it is the Arial font, though in font viewer it looks just fine, so my theory is it has something to do with Safari. I tried clearing font caches, as well as reinstalling and turning off antialiasing, but the problem stayed. Have a look for yourself: (As you can see, it's not all fonts, the ones at the top look fine.) Thanks in advance!
  11. Hello I hope this has not been asked before been searching everywhere of a fix, Installed niresh fine on my amd system but I have a wired bug where the shadows seem to not be expanding see screenshot also I can not get iCloud or iMessage to work other than it working perfect thanks for this being trying to mac on my pc for awhile.
  12. Hi everybody! I installed Niresh on my tower a few months ago and I've been fixing the problems have been appearing like iMessage problem, Randomly freezes problem (almost all). And I improved system stabilty changing my BIOS settings. But... I still have some problems. (X) 1. When I play some videos using QuickTime or MXPlayer system freezes and I have to restart the system (Sounds glitch when this happend) -> NEED SOLUTION extra info: In Opera and Firefox youtube playing (Flash component) hangs system, in Chrome this does not happend, only FLV via RTMP protocol under SmartCard HTTPS encryption. (V) 2. Improved system stabilty: Changing SMBIOS to latest MacPro (using Chameleon Wizard). IMPROVED (V) 3. After some hours, network card does not work, need to restart (not always) -> SOLVED I think so (https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/287161-new-driver-for-realtek-rtl8111/) (V) 4. Safari text unreadable vertical white lines across the text -> Need to check this: SOLVED (https://www.maconpc.com/topic/755-safri-text-unreadable-mavericks/) Solution: (X) 5. Randomly my session appears to logout and everything enter "like a suspend mode" but fans keep running, when I push a key, Log on screen appears and loads my opened apps again (fast). extra info: I observed this playing music on iTunes; music stops and my screen turned off. When I pushed a key, in 2 seconds Logon screen appeared. extra info2: When I put the system in suspend mode from Apple menu, everything appears to be suspended, but fans keep running. UNSOLVED (X) 6. I think CPU temp is too high: In Hw sensors does not appear my CPU temp, only my HDDs temp, but CPU fans runs so fast (In Windows runs slower). UNSOLVED (V) 7. Random Freezes: Music keeps playing but mouse and keyboard not, need to restart -> ALMOST FIXED with: FreezeFix for Fermi Nvidia (use Google) SOLVED Well, I know that I asking a lot of things. I provide the information to help other people. If anyone knows how to help me... Thanks in advance!
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