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  1. Ok, The problem is solved. I just had to update OSX to the last version using the combo update. Acceleration and full resolution are fully supported using apple unmodified drivers and an injector.
  2. I tried nearly everything, but nothing more. So I decided to buy a graphics card. Which one do you think is the best, for less than 20€ (not new of course) and for 2D graphics only. I thought about the GT610. Does it works easily on niresh ? Thanks in advance
  3. Ok, so I will test any combination of graphics cards, graphics card BIOS, drivers, EFI strings/Injecters and Mavericks versions.
  4. Sorry, but the Intel HD 2000 is not supported. You can use any recent and decent nVidia graphics card. I don't know if it's possible easily with an ATI card.
  5. Ok, we tried to use the <device-properties> key in the boot.plist using the OSX86Tools generator and I was able to reach to full resolution and have the card name in "About my Mac", without NVInject. But still no acceleration... Idea ?
  6. In my case, my system stops running because the hard drive stops immediately to make noises. I think this problem is nForce related, because I have a friend who has the same problem with a 8800GT. We are trying currently to inject by hand properties in Nvidia drivers. Any idea ?
  7. Ok, now it work much better ! I tried lot of injectors but only one worked : NVInject I have now the full resolution and my 9300GE with its VRAM are recognized. But... I have, for the moment, no graphic acceleration. The are some artifacts too on the screen. How can I solve this ? Thanks in advance
  8. I just checked with a nVidia GeForce 8800 GT, but nothing more : still the black screen on all outputs. Thanks in advance
  9. Remove this folder (which contains the kexts) : /Library/Application Support/VirtualBox/
  10. Hi ! My hackintosh is working fine, except for the graphics card. Here are the GPUs I have now : - 7300GT - 7300LE - 9300GE (G98 chip) - The integrated GeForce 7100 - A stock 8800GT (but the heat is just huge) First, what GPU would be the best ? (I can buy others if it would be simpler) For the installation, I used a 7300GT, because it worked without problem. But currently, I don't have full resolution and no QE/CI (no accelerated graphics). The nVidia GeForce 9300GE is more recent, so I think it would be simpler to use it. So I first tried with stock nVidia drivers, but just before reaching the GUI (maybe two seconds after the "NVDANV50HAL loaded and registered" message), I get a black screen (no signal on all outputs). (and the hard drive stops making noise) I tried these kexts https://www.maconpc.com/files/file/52-geforce-8400gs-for-mavericks/ (the 8400gs v2.0 have the G98 too) but no success. In org.boot.chameleon.plist, I tried with GraphicsEnbaler on or off. Any idea ? Thanks in advance ! Config: - CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo - Graphic Card : to be chosen - Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H (nForce 630i / GeForce 7100 integrated graphics)
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