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  1. I don't want to back to the system which has only 3MB VRAM instead of 3GB VRAM. So if someone have the same videocard - does the latest release works fine for you? I moved to Elementary OS from Yosemite 1 month ago due to 3MB VRAM (I sure nobody can works in Yosemite with only with 3MB VRAM, it's too small to properly displaying windows).
  2. Lol I'm install ATI graphics kexts from /Backup/Graphics Kexts/ folder and now I can login to my Mac without safe mode.
  3. I just can't login in my Mac. It stuck after entering password: I can see "loading" animation for cursor and loading circle under my login. I tried to wait 10 minutes but no luck... I booted with "-v -x PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x2000". Motherboard: GIGABYTE 990XA-UD3 CPU: AMD FX8350 4.0GHz GPU: AMD Radeon 280X 3GB Ram: 8GB I can only login in safe mode...
  4. First try to install "All in one Ethernet solution" (download from this site).
  5. There is no support in russian language but you must download new IMG and burn it to your USB.
  6. I get same error but it not crashes my booting. Just re-install this kext by Kext Wizard (use new kext for Realtek RTL8111) or install All in One Ethernet Solution
  7. Nope, I'm not. But I try this, thanks.
  8. Also your method doesn't works. I'm try to reinstall it because seems like I have some problems with permissions (After first log in I didn't see any popups from Hackintosh Yosemite about "fixing permissions", etc.)
  9. It stucks on "missing bluetooth controller transport". AMD FX8350 4.0GHz AMD Radeon R9 280X PowerColor 3GB GDDR5. Also I can log in in my Mac - it start loading something and stuck after pressing Enter (nothing happens, only "loading" cursor with log in page). I'm using new Yosemite release with MD5: 2ea51fa79563a0337b0f8e2cccf2d229
  10. Use Kext Wizard (it's a built-in program in Hackintosh Yosemite)
  11. Type ls /Volumes/"Images Volumes"/ and post it here...
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