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  1. i manage to reinstall the os and it is working now but i face a problem the touchpad and wifi is not working nowPls help
  2. Still black screen.i am trying to reinstall the os .what all options should i check in the customise menu
  3. I tried -v snd and i have attached the photosFinally again comes to black screen.pls reply thanks in advance
  4. It continues and ask to select the drive . After selecting the drive there is an apple logo followed by a black screen but i can hear some computer speaking sound followed by a music.during this period the screen is black .pls reply
  5. installed Maverics on my dell laptopSpecs: intel core i3 M350 2 gb ram Intel hd graphicsAfter installation is succeeded it says to restart and an countdown started,i clicked restart buttonAnd it just keeps on loading(ill post pictures below),then i manualy restarted my laptop byPressing the power key and an apple logo comes after loading a black screen comes,IWaited for five minutes and an voice came with an music(billa 2 song) but the dispay is still blackPls help
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