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  1. I have the same problem with my Wi-Fi card. Unfortunately the table that @Deepak sent me days at this time it's not compatible. I'm working every angle I can someone will figure this out in sure. Keep your head up my friend
  2. I have tried every method, and every website and the recording theme is that this mountain lion distro is flawed. It destroyed my Windows 8.1, kubuntu, maverick triple boot some how. None but mountain lion, will load and disk utility says they're unfixable. But I can't even try because I can't seem to get admin privileges. I've searched high and low and even put my faithful laptop away for a couple weeks just to see. But still no fix I've seen. @, @Deepak plz plz help
  3. i have a dell 1703 wifi but it seems its no good on any version going to chk my others @Deepak
  4. i only have problem with wifi. no internet everything else is amazing
  5. I have re downloaded it and installed using -v now time for multibeast thank you much Deepak
  6. @Deepak its not getting into installer. boots after the nehresh 10.9 screen and then a round of commands then a screen to black for a split sec. then it another round of text and that screen
  7. No i have not tried that actually, i will right now, that isif this crazy bios will let me. i have insyde h2o a12
  8. yes it is identical. im very comfortable with computers just not apple. i am doing a fresh install and have tried many other configurations with this current set up
  9. it didnt work. i dont even get the installer just those lines all the way until the blutooth host is accepted. do you know a way of screen shot to capture?
  10. actually i figured t out about to boot and try now. i will post results immediately
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