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  1. I cannot get 10.8.2 or above to even get to the install screen. My specs are I3 with Intel hd graphics, 4 gb memory it's a Gateway NV7921. I have tried everything to get up to ML or Mavericks nothing works like I said it never gets to the install screen infinite loops. I have posted on those forums deepak has tried to help nothing works. I would like to just get up to 10.7.5 if possible. I use the combo update and multibeast but it gets stuck at the apple screen just spinning. Sometimes I can hear the guy talking about using the microphone to log on that's it. I cannot find a dst for this laptop so I am using easybeast and ps2 kexts that's about it and just loops. I don't get if it will run 10.7.3 why it won't run 10.7.5. I wish it would go up to mavericks I guess it's not the right specs with this having the first gen I3 graphics.
  2. The only thing I can find to change is the IDE to AHCI. That was already done.
  3. I have tried this with no luck
  4. I never get past this and have tried all the flags you have provided.
  5. That's the problem I never get to the installer I only get to the first screen where I can provide a boot flag then when I hit enter instead of the apple screen that eventually goes to the installer it starts over to splash screen then the same process.
  6. I have tried both and they just loop back to splash screen. How do you start without graphics Keats I can't get to installer to remove them.
  7. Does this help? http://ark.intel.com/m/products/47663/intel-core-i3-330m-processor-3m-cache-2_13-ghz#@product/specifications
  8. I am using 10.9.0 I have tried all versions of ML and now Mavericks all have the same reboot issue. My specs areIntel i3 with 4gb ram Intel hd graphics Intel hm55 motherboard 320gb WD Scorpio HD
  9. I can't get it to get to the install screen no matter what flags I put. I have the USA and did distro and the DVD distros of 10.8.0 and 10.7.3. The only one that works is 10.7.3 it goes right to installer and works. I cannot believe this won't work. Even on 10.7.3 I can't go to 10.7.5. After downloading the combo update then running it and multi beast it stays on the apple logo screen indefinitely. Is it that the Intel hm55 graphics chipped isn't supported?
  10. I have tried this and still no go. It just starts over again the back where you can put boot flags in again. I cannot get past this to the installer. It's the same with Niresh 10.8.0
  11. That's where I get also if I hit enter it just reboots the computer. If I put flags in like -x -f -s -v it does the same thing back to gateway splash screen then back to the screen you posted.
  12. Okay I figured out the usb transferred everything over and tried it. Nothing same thing it starts to boot then back to splash screen start over. I then reboot tried the above flag and still does the same thing. It does it with anything above Lion. Niresh Lion 10.7.3 works great minus sleep and correct graphics resolution. I have tried ML all versions and the new Mavericks. I just don't get why it won't boot into install to even begin.
  13. Okay I was trying to set it up on my windows computer now I am on my Hackintosh 10.7.3 I try to setup the usb drive and am using the sudo recommended and here is what I get . I have already unmounted the usb drive and the dmg is in downloads. sudo dd if=/Volumes/OSX64/Downloads/OSX-Mavericks.dmg of=/dev/r"disk2s1 bs=1mdd: /Volumes/OSX64/Downloads/OSX-Mavericks.dmg: No such file or directory
  14. This is what happens when I use the USB distro. When you boot up and it boots to usb. The Niresh distro is there for you to hit enter or put in a boot flag IE: -x. If you hit enter it briefly goes black then restarts the computer. It doesn't matter what boot flag you put in you never get anywhere it keeps that loop so it never ever gets to where you can install at all.
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