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  1. I think it is a sentelic touchpad. I am so frustrated, It´s so strange. Everything works just fine, i did the comboupdate as suggested here, and still,working fine. I reinstalled twice now, there is no more touchpad support at all anymore. I tried reinstalling the vodoo kext alone, didnt work either.
  2. Hello! I´ve had this in the past with my notebook, and I am hoping to get help. My notebook is a Clevo W860 Cu Core i7 http://ark.intel.com/products/43124/Intel-Core-i7-820QM-Processor-8M-Cache-1_73-GHz My Problem is the following. I use 10.9 installer from www.maconpc.com, to be able to use the touchpad in installer i have to continually hammer the touchpad while the installer is loading. I had to try this a few times, once the installer loaded with touchpad I can install normally. After installation, which ran smoothly beside the touchpad bug, I installed every kext neccessary and everything worked fine. I did reboot many times, i had the computer in standby etc. There was no akku % feature installed, the first time it completely lost energy it also lost touchpad function. I tried several ways to fix this: reload all kexts. backup kernel and kext reinstall osx What could be causing the problem, do you think there is a fix? Is there maybe any custom kext for my trackpad? thanks for helping
  3. So after a few weeks I gave it another try... same game as before. When I Install everything seems to be working fine, but after some reboots the touchpad magically stops working. Only way to get it to work again is reinstall, then it works for some time. I have no idea what else to do
  4. Hello! I tried installing Mavericks on my Computer but I don´t get it to work, maybe someone here can be awesome =D Here is the installation log: http://pastebin.com/NQqjUDnw thanks in advance
  5. Hello! When I try to install your latest version of Mavericks I get an error. Installing on one disk everything works smooth, but I have two seagate barracuda 7200rpm 512 gb hdd´s which I do not want to replace for an ssd since it is a low budget project and I was wondering if, and if , how , there is a way to get a raid installation of OSX working on my machine. ( asus p5w dh deluxe, xeon e5450, in case that matters =D )
  6. by the way, I've also used the snow leopard installer from here. Same story, no touchpad support. I don't want to use windumb, pls help me
  7. It is a sentelic touchscreen and the device recognizes the fingerprint reader. You were talking about default touchscreen kexts. are they already included in installation dvd. I installed your version of mavericks, but I have no touchpad support.
  8. Hello Hackintosh Community. I have purchased a Clevo W860CU for 170€ today, and yes, this a crazy price, so my macbook retina is cancelled, and I am going to use this one the next few years. At least, in case I get everything working. My Installation so far: Installed using the installer provided by Niresh. Worked without any troubles. These things however are not working: sleepmode (when returning from sleep mode the fans start but nothing happens and I have to reset the computer) touchpad I have downloaded Sentelic Touchpad drivers, but the ones Ive found are for MSI Wind. Still have to try these. WIFI: intel wifi card which is not supported- I already ordered Atheros AR5B225 so it should work I guess? I will have to try the touchscreen drivers and will let you know, regarding the sleep mode, anything I can do about that?
  9. I got an amd a6 here, since I am upgrading my system soon I will be able to try installing it.
  10. Hello! I was wondering if anyone can tell me some recommendation for good compatibility hackintosh notebooks. I´ve found a lot of guides, but I was thinking that maybe there is a notebook that is already fully supported when using the Niresh Installer... Thanks
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