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  1. if I boot from usb , the main menu ask me to boot from it or from hdd where si maverick instaled if I choose to boot from hdd, appears apple logo and after black screen and monitors stand by. should I use some flag to change smbios, or how? i'm a beginner installing this, but I use macos from some time. please some help
  2. to do that I need to reinstall maveriks fron usb? for changing smbios I need to access customize on installer at start?
  3. it's a screenshot after installer, on first boot. all bios changes are made exactly IntelĀ® Core2 Duo CPU E8400 @3.0GHZ i'll try to remove all ati, nv, and after that if it not working, a'll try ML to see if it's works. I'll came back to you with conclusion. thank for your time
  4. hy I have some problems installing maveriks 10.9.0. after install, it reboots, logo apple appears an after 1-2 minutes, black screen and monitor goes to stand by. I booted all the otions -v -x -f GraphicsEnabler=No but the same result. i'll try all the ports of my video card (rgb, dvi, hdmi). after I posted here I've got the answer to boot with flags IGPEnabler=No PCIRootUID=1 -v attached is a print screen with errors I have. please help me to start this. many thanks My PC Monterboard Gygabite EP45-DS3 Intel E8400 core 2 (3ghz) 4 gb RAM Video Nvidia GTS 250 250 Gb sata hdd
  5. is there a way to start using maveriks with hardware I have? please help !
  6. back with some prinscreen what seems to be the problem?
  7. hy, i have the same problem. I try reinstall many times, boot with flags, but nothing. The same issue on all ports - rgb, dvi, hdmi I need some help please. my pc intel E8400 Gygabite EP45-DS3 4 gb ram Video Nvidia GTS 250
  8. thank you for awesome help. I just needed a few words, but now a realize you're too busy to replay many thanks
  9. hy, I posted a picture. can you find some time to help me about? than's
  10. hy 1.after installation was complete, the ati radeon kext does not loaded. there is a way do resolve that issue? the resolution is too low. 2. in app store I cannot log in. it's says apple cannot verify the machine. Maveriks 10.9.1 Mainboard Gigabyte EP45-DS3 Video - Ati Radeon HD3850 4Gb Ram Intel dual core E8400
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