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  1. Hello When i open a system i have black screen It boot wiht graphic with nv_disable=1 I have gt 130m nvidia Please help me
  2. This is my yosemite install log: http://www53.zippyshare.com/v/61623251/file.html
  3. Ok, I success install yosemite. But… my keyboard in laptop doesn't work, touchpad too. I have lags with using yosemite. Anyone help? BTW my graphic card was showed in my mac, but i ca't change resolution, only 1024x768
  4. ok @ i will start again and if i have this problem again i take pic.
  5. I don§t know. Show me: finishing install success: 0 failure: 1 Please restart computer. And nohting more I make usb with tutorial: https://www.maconpc.com/page/osx86.html/hackintosh/articles/macpwn/install-os-x-yosemite-on-pc I don't install kernel and mbr, i have only os 10.9.
  6. Hello I have install failure 10.10 after 1 minute to finish install. My laptop. Lenovo ideapay y550 with: - processor Intel core2duo P8700 - wifi bcm94312 - chipset pm45 Express - graphic nvidia geforce gt 130m - lan broadcomm BCM5784M - Audio Realtek ALC272 - RAM 6GB DDR3
  7. I indirectly solved my problem. I send my files via bluetooth
  8. O dzięki Będę coś tworzył edit: pisałem, że nie mam dostępu do app store :/ // Ohh thaks I will be make something edit: I wrote I can't login to app store
  9. Hey everybody If i couldn't download and install Windows Phone connect with AppStore (i can't login to appstore), what can I connect my phone and explore files? Best regards Lech Andrzej
  10. Hello i have problem with apple store login. I have "Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance." error. My net card: ehternet: Broadcom BCM5784M wifi: Broadcom BCM94312mcg. Anyone can help me?
  11. Hello all After update mavericks to 10.9.4 i have a problem. Boot -> grey screen with apple -> black screen What can I install update? I have lenovo ideapad y550 with chipset PM45, graphic gt130m, Audio ALC272, Intel Core2Duo P8700 ? Sorry for my english
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