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    AMD FX

    Thanks for all!!! I have now Mavericks's distro and i has some problems and i'm fixing and investigate some problems with my graphic card!
  2. I tried to do that and problem continues... i don't know what can i do... :/ I installed Mavericks and the graphics runs on 800x600 but this topic's Maverick forum I tried to do the same on Mavericks and after that I restarted and when the appe's logo appear after 2 min gives me a black screen... Why? and where can i speak about this problem in this forum?
  3. I added the flags to system boot, and boot with -f. and the problem keep existing I didn't install for now the kext's multibeast 5... because i don't know what kext i need to install on mi computer.
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  5. Ok, thanks ready, but the problems with graphics stills.
  6. or where can i add this flags on OS?
  7. GraphicsEnabler=Yes AtiConfig=Emuler Right? i need write this on boot clover no?
  8. What kexts i need to install if my computer specs... is: Processor: AMD FX 8150 (Eigh-Core) Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-D3P Video: ATI Radeon 5570 HD Memory (RAM): 8 GB DD3 (1600) HDD: 1 TB
  9. Hi!! i finished the installation and i have a problem, of course. i didn't install drivers kext, because i don't know what i need to install.. on my computer. Someone can help me with the kexts? My actual problem is.. that... subir fotos
  10. Hi guys!! i have a problem with instalation. I installed 10.8.5 and after that i can't boot the OS. But i want to try install again since 0 the OS. I have a usb flash drive with niresh 10.8.5 (8gb) and other usb (4gb) which i give format with BootDiskUtility (i was following the guide "newbie / noob"). In the moment when i need put the kexts or drivers i don't know what can i do... I don't know if i should select intel graphics kexts or ati when i have ATI graphic card... My PC Specifications are.... Processor: AMD FX 8150 (eigh core - black edition) Motherboard: Gigabyte 970A-D3P RAM: 2 x 4gb (DDR-3 1600 bus) HDD: 1 TB Graphics: ATI-RADEON 5570 HD i tried boot the clover installation adding "kernel=amdfx graphicsenabler=no" at the end of lane-boot-flags, and i changed npci=0x2000 for npci=0x3000. [*]I should keep writing kernel=amdfx ?? or amd? [*]What kexts i should select specifically to install 10.8.5 on menu installation?? Thanks... PD: I'm learning english language sorry for mistakes
  11. i has these problem too, and i read in another thread. You should read this... Go to Options >> pci settings >> remove Usb injection (i did it, and mouse works!).
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