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  1. You have to know that mac does not support all kind of wifi cards, and maybe yours is not supported by apple, its kind of sad but here we go, at least you know whats going on .. Try to use dongle for wifi ?! maybe it works
  2. Hello, i have this problem, any solution ?
  3. Yes the solution is to wait, it took me about 15>20minutes to start using the mouse and the keyboard, just wait and wait and wait than you will find your self able to use your mouse .. if you think about a solution beside waiting yeah there is not second choice, you have to wait, 20minutes will do
  4. i figure it out, here it is guys here it is guys, it took me like 20 minutes waiting at the first screen, then the mouse start to work, i restarted my system and it happens exactly like the first time, always i have to wait for 20minutes to start working with the mouse, that is weird .. so weird
  5. Yes it does, but the mouse hell no ..
  6. Yes niresh it works just great ... No need for anything else ... Again thank you for your help and support
  7. Hello every one, i have the hackintosh perfectly working, but recently i had a USB modem (3G) that installed but it wont connect ... when i click connect it doesn't do anything .. By the way my internal WIFI card it's not known by the OSX, is that can be a problem ? My USB is HDM ec156 : - Mode 1X seulement - Mode EVDO seulement - Mode Hybride Acer Aspire 5750 intel core i3 (2.2ghz) 3Mb L3 HD graphics 1760Mb 4Gb ram 500Gb HDD
  8. Well its all good now Thank you guy's
  9. Hi, ive done my first hackintosh full install thanks to niresh and to you all supporter but, i have my internal microphone of my laptop always activated, i can't disable it and his doing a lot of noises .. i guess the mic is integrated with the motherboard, and if you like to know more to get me the right solution please ask
  10. Please I have a big problem .. My laptops internal microphone is always activated .. I don't know how to turn it off Tell me what to do and thank you
  11. Im not very sure when I can get it right, can you please get me the right link for the driver ?
  12. This is the driver you talking about : http://www.helpjet.net/getfile/Acer-Aspire-5750/b9edaac25b47f1ab6bccf7acbe5e89be7439af8802309d938f2b84a663ae0677206a2bdc3438f4f4aa6747d32dba41aaeea3e4fda9bf59ddf73065e55f9998e8.html
  13. Hi there, i was really working hard to get the references needed here, so here we go : The WIFI Card : Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter PCIVEN_14E4&DEV_4358 For the touchpad version i dont know how to get it, sorry, i installed recently windows xp and installed Aida to get the touchpad version but i dont know how to find it, there is no clue, if you can help me please let me know, thank you guys i really appreciate it Acer Aspire 5750
  14. Hi, i did another thing, i formatted the HDD into 2 partition (100gb and 400gb), then i installed the hackintosh in the 400gb partition, so after the first reboot it worked like charm, i dont know why it didn't work for me on the first time but here we go, congratulation. First problem i got is the WiFi, then the second problem is the Trackpad (touchpad), how i get this thing works ? most impotent for me now is the trackpad (touchpad) because i have to work all the time with the mouse so that's annoying to me .. please help and thank you
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