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  1. tried installing yosemite and even copied the kernel for amd64 and configured the first boot up using bootable usb yosemite. but after removing the usb and booting through chamaleon it gives this error as shown in picture
  2. hi all was facing the issue where the system just restarted while booting yosemite , so solved this by the process here cp -f /Volumes/"Image Volume"/amd64 /Volumes/"yosemite"/System/Library/Kernels/kernel rm -rf /Volumes/"yosemite"/System/Library/Caches kextcache -u /Volumes/"yosemite" the process was completed and system booted fine from usb but when i remove usb to boot directly -v mode says system halted due to kernel specific issue ...what I am doing wrong. tried 3 times booting with usb its booting fine but not without usb have evenn tried to copy the amd64 kernel from my maverick install to yosemite location system/library/kernels/kernel renaming the amd64kernel to kernel but still no go
  3. well the solution is neither getting posted here nor can I open new thread maybe the mod will make the thread active later maybe becoz of the lengthy post its not accepting but its or rather due to my few post maybe I need to increase my post in order to open thread
  4. if you can boot with that flag just add it your boot.plist and all shall be good so no need to enter the flag again and again
  5. Ok so few query to be solved need urgent feedback and suggestions 1. Niresh 10.9 worked great no issues whatsoever,except found that I was unable to wake up my pc after it goes to sleep.so how to solve this 2.I was thinking to update to 10.9.4 as it says Improves the reliability of wake from sleep and even to proceed to the latest so how can I proceed shd i download indivual 10.9.1/10.9.2/10.9.3/10.9.4 or only the combo update 10.9.4 or rather just update directly. Some user has issues after update so wanted to be sure on what to do and stuff to backup before proceeding further. A brief explanation would be helpful solved all
  6. Hi @Deepak well just booted up maverick distro from nilesh 10.9 and all working fine except when computer goes to sleep it does not wake up from sleep until power off,so can this app helps to solve the prob as seem it has something to do with power management it seems and I have not updated yet or maybe Darkwake stuff any idea
  7. Well just plug in an asus gt610 and bam it booted up fine now in to solve few more small issues
  8. knock knock 37 views and not a single reply seems need to get it on my own the community is so slow in responding to queries
  9. see what it does for you as I dont have the same card so that is the kexts needed for 10.9 and it should solve
  10. see if this work for you https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/165-ati-mobility-radeon-hd-550v46501002-9480-os-x-109-13a603-mavericks/ then try the boot flags if it succed add the flags to your boot.plist to make it permanent so you dont need to type the flag everytime
  11. Hi, After spending few days in learning the basics and early requiremnt to boot mac OSx I tried to install maverick Distro by nilesh but always getting stuck at this point as shown in the screenshot Bootflags Used amd64 GraphicsEnabler=NO npci=0X2000 -v amd64 GraphicsEnabler=NO npci=0X2000 -v amd64 GraphicsEnabler=Yes npci=0X3000 -v amd64 GraphicsEnabler=NO npci=0X3000 -v amd64 -v amd64 PCIRootUID=1/0(bothat diffrent flags) npci=0X3000 -v My hardware details are provided in my signature so I seek better help and to specify I dont have a External Graphic Card as of now but will be buying Sapphire R9 280X 3gb OC so would like to even know if its supported out of the box and if not any other alternative card maybe of nvidia to start up I am willing to buy a cheapest grapic card costing less than 2000 if incase the prob is due to Graphic card so seems GEforce 210 will be fine @Deepak and if I need a card which should i buy to get full acceleartion and QE/CI working will be using for a screen resolution 1600x900 and a dvi cable http://www.flipkart.com/asus-nvidia-geforce-en210-silent-1-gb-ddr3-graphics-card/p/itmdwxxfx8hpqbxx http://www.flipkart.com/asus-nvidia-geforce-210-1-gb-ddr3-graphics-card/p/itmd2rynuey3sjgz?q=Asus+NVIDIA+GeForce+210+1+GB+DDR3+Graphics+Card&as=on&as-show=on&otracker=start&as-pos=p_1&pid=GRCD2RYNUEY3SJGZ Thanks .
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