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  1. ok thanks , try install this driver and comment !! Too have problem with wifi on this portatil i used other wifi usb because dont see driver for my pc HPDV3550
  2. this is my config : HP DV3500 [*]Processor- Intel Centrino 2 P7350 (2 Ghz, 3MB cache) [*]Memory – 3GB DDR2 [*]Hard Disk – 320 GB [*]Screen – 13.3 inch (1200×800) LED backlit [*]Graphics Card – NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS [*]Connectivity – Intel wifi link 5100, LAN, Bluetooth [*]Built in Webcam with Microphone [*]Super Multi DVD burner (+ /-R + /-RW) with double-layer support
  3. I am looking for the driver of graphic display and acceleration and wifi driver hp dv3500 laptop for this, as it could help me find the drivers and install them thanks or ketx thnx friend!!
  4. Hello good evening and installed version mac os x l in the work laptop model is hp dv3500 I use to install the system and functioning well but I would like to know some program to install the video driver and acceleration and wifi and Blast other drivers.That program could be used to install all drivers in my pc to get the optimum performance of the machine.thanks
  5. the maverick Niresh lion 10.8.5 and 10.9 distributions are giving me error when entering this amdfx-x-v command, here I leave a aver catch me if you can I have a damn cable fx is driving me crazy and no installation this step is The default bios was anything but quick boot I put disabled, ai god that fails will be failing over this step
  6. this step for you comment in your post is guide for instal on amd fx 4100 , this bootflags its ok for mi processor amd fx , i can´t install and reset every time , try it with your command you specified aver if I can install
  7. trying 10.9 mavericks , trying later 10.8.5 for persist the problem later comment the progress
  8. don´t start with comand ... reset computer , configured bios with yur post and the problem persist ....
  9. sorry i´m spanish speak any english.... the comand amdfx -v reset my computer ... i create the niresh maverick os x image with win32disk imager , i use the comand you post amdfx-v and reset ... any idea for the problem ?? need bootloader chimera o clover ... oh my god...
  10. to the command you tell me I restarted the machine will boot problem and I'll have to get some chamaleon or loader ... I like I said in my answers I record the image window 7 win32diskimager, the torrent download it me here, then proves again to load aver if it works, but I'll have to play bios truth in the bios this default've only changed hdd ide to ahci .. strangest thing that, thanks
  11. I do not start work created win32diskimager in windows platform, starting the usb therefore selected the command-v restarts again passed the same should create this facility in any way with any bootloader? or I need to get some command to get power to install, thanks guys
  12. perfect ok now I'm on it, I created the usb Niresh maverick with win32 disk imager, use windows ... good or should I use another bootloader instead?
  13. hello goodnight guys, a greeting to me primarily attracted much attention for the high compatibility with mac systems there and I would like to ask you some help or any idea to install it on my configamd 4100M5A78L usb 3.012gb ddr3Grafica builtI would like to know what command or method could do to install via usb and that programs need to perform this installation with driver and other installed components, a great community and greetings page
  14. saulito

    Niresh Mavericks

    no consigo la instalacion en amd fx 4100 ahi que tocar algo en bios???
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