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  1. What flags did u use to even get into the OS? Haha i havnt even gotten past the bootloader
  2. Mine gets to the part wherei t says the UUID...then it completely just dies
  3. "Kernel Cache"=amdfx npci=0x2000 maxmem=3096 -v
  4. Hey guys so im having an issue...i can install a bootloader to my hard drive but i always get boot errors...its a 320gb from a laptop that was made in 2010 soo i dont think it has 4k sectors, anywaus so i have to install a bootloader onto my usb stick to boot into os x. Now my problem is i cant use anything except Clover because no other bootloader supports my graphics card, is there any way to ffix icloud with clover?
  5. I have read on websites that a sleep fix can make it work but in my experience it just cuts out all my drives and freezes
  6. Soo safemode is the only way i can get graphics to work apparently...
  7. Hey i got into safe mode buut what do i do after im in it?
  8. So i tried using different kernels...they didnt help the atisupport.kext still wont work properly
  9. Its not the kernel that is my issue right now i used niresh's release of 10.8.5 annd it works completely fine i can actually boot into it...but during installation i have to backup all graphics kexts inorder for graphics to even show up, if i install the atisupport.kext it causes my screen to go comp,etely white, if i use graphics injection it will read the card with no acceleration and if i use GraphicsEnabler=No now it completely makes my screen go blank. I looked in the kexts that run with my gpu and my card has an id of 0x683d1002 but when i try to boot it it doesnt work properly i guess haha hope that helps better explain my problem
  10. i am currently using 10.8.5 as it was the first one that i could boot into with an fx kernel and actually run...i was trying to run it in the hopes that my card would work out of box...or atleast with little effort
  11. i tried booting with GraphicsEnabler=No and it just gave me the white screen with the mouse...
  12. Oh and if i try to use ati inject and load vbios together it freezes at amdvendregrapgicsaccelerator
  13. It was the ATISupport.kext. Could someone please walk me through getting graphics acceleration working tho? I tried the rampage dev way and everytime i tried to compile it game me many errors, i cant get video bios from my card if i use injectedid and atiinject it says radeon 7770 but with only 4mb of ram
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