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  1. pls can someone write a detail tutorial on how to install voodooHDA sound kexts,never got them working on my mavericks ALC 269 card
  2. Pls explain how to use it bcos I already have a boot loader but cannot boot from it, I can only boot from usb disk which has the image mounted
  3. hi everyone I have successfully installed mavericks on my intel pc (intel pentium duo core 2.1ghz.4 gig ram and 2 gig via) superb graphics,I always don't back up graphics because i don't know how to find kexts for my Audio driver is ALC 269 Realteck _I have installed chameleon boot loader from iso which i used to boot 10.8.5 but doesn't work with mavericks,unless i boot from the installation usb drive which has the niresh installer pls i need help on these problems....Once again thank you niresh
  4. on downloading the file,there is this....edit ur dsdt like this.....how do i edit it thanks
  5. I have heard about dsdt patch,whats that and how do u go abt it someone please explain
  6. HiPls if anyone has sound on this driver should pls help, Applehda kexts or voodoohda kextsThx
  7. hi all, I must say hackintosh is not a joke,its a real pain in the back folks.. I installed niresh 10.8.5,and checked backup graphic kerts,after installation i was able to boot into mac but -graphics was poor -sound didnt work Then i installed without checking backup graphic kerts,then after installation i could not boot into mac,except with -x bootflag -graphics was superb -sound didnt work I tried to install voodoo sound kexts and appleHDA kexts but says kexts was not installed correctly by dragging kexts to system/library/extensions then i used multibeast by removing voodooHDA kexts and installing through multibeast says successful but Audio doesnt work.. i tried all the kexts in multibeast and kexts in the download section but didnt work,btw my driver is ALC 269 Am pleading with admninistrators and the kingmaker niresh to come to our aid so we can make this a pinned post for people to solve their problem bcos there are similar problems here PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!
  8. get a windows dvd and try to install windows,and click repair windows,then repair startup program install a bootloader camelion or clover so u can boot into mac thanks
  9. how did u solve the white screen problem after installation??? pls help out
  10. hi niresh and all administrators, I have considered all the feedbacks from members on this forum concerning 10.8.5 distro...its seems the feedbacks are almost the same thing 1.its either after installation,there is a white screen 2.keyboard and mouse not working in the start of the installation please niresh and administrators please consider this problem into detail once and for all.....and make a sticky or pinned thread Im personally considering retaining my 10.8.2 or wait for mavericks from niresh lastly,please help with a tutorial on solving imessage log in problem and improving graphics on the hackintosh....bcos this questions are being asked and will be asked over and over again thanks esuo2
  11. @deepak legacy usb support is already enabled pls how can i use the kexts you adviced thanks
  12. in the installation process,under customisation choose graphic enabler....
  13. No i have intel HD graphics 2.1ghz speed,intel pentium,4 gig memory,2 gig vga
  14. hmmm,I just tried but didnt work.... Is this only happening to me?oh my God i removed the + from USB ownership and USB injection and hit return key and boot from 10.8.5 usb but mouse still stuck at left top corner
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