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  1. Tried everything, still zero success. It just goes black, no matter with what i try to boot, nothing useful information from -v. Hopefully i'll see a solution for it somewhere.
  2. The PCI configuration is the last thing it says, so i will boot with that npci=0x2000 thing here too, right? Used it for the installer too.
  3. -v works in that bootloader or what too? "GraphicsEnabler=no" wasn't worked, now tryin with the -v to see what the problem is. Btw., the monitor says "Out of Range", never happened in Mavericks.
  4. So, what i need to type then correctly? I know it needs " if there is space in the name, i did like that. Now when i start Yosemite it give me a grey screen with Mac On PC and a progress bar, but it doesn't moves. And everything goes black after some minutes.
  5. I did that cause "" wasn't working on my keyboard, cause it quits: cp -f /Volumes/Image/Volume/amd /Volumes/"OS X Yosemite"/System/Library/Kernels/kernel rm -rf /Volumes/"OS X Yosemite"/System/Library/Caches kextcache -u /Volumes/"OS X Yosemite"/ Now it doesn't reboots instantly, just give me a black screen after like 2 mins.
  6. It says /Volumes/Yosemite Zone/amd: No such file or directory
  7. ls /Volumes/ : .Trashes OS X Base System Image Volume OS X Yosemite
  8. One second, and i will do it. Also, what "Your USB Drive" means? "Yosemite Zone" (the name of the USB, at least what windows says for it) or "E:" or what?
  9. @Defman This is complicated for me lol, can you just write that what i exactly need to type? Tried like 50 ways, still not solved. Niresh updated the article, it says that: cp -f /Volumes/"Image Volume"/haswell /Volumes/"Mac OS"/System/Library/Kernels/kernel rm -rf /Volumes/"Mac OS"/System/Library/Caches kextcache -u /Volumes/"Mac OS" I used "/amd" for installation, and OS X Yosemite is the name of the formated SSD, so in my case i need to type that? cp -f /Volumes/"OS X Yosemite"/amd /Volumes/"OS X Yosemite"/System/Library/Kernels/kernel rm -rf /Volumes/"OS X Yosemite"/System/Library/Caches kextcache -u /Volumes/"OS X Yosemite" Or what, i tried like every possible way, except yours, since i can't figure out what to type.
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