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  1. Hello guys! i think that i got a problems! At first i install yosemite zone good with Undefined error:0 but this error dont affect the pc. But i can see in about my mac that the ram use 667MHz when my ram can 1600MHz. This is the first question. The second is that i can see too my hackintosh use too much ram, without run apps use 4gb and using apps 8 gb i will add a screen capture, but is so strange that the system dont slow and the ram up to 7,6 gb only with chrome. My system specs is: AMD Fx-8350 1Tb HDD 8 GB Ram 1600MHz Nvidia GeForce GTX 660Ti I do all drivers works properly like the usb wifi, nvidia etc... what solution can recommend me for the ram "problem"? downgrade to maverick? what can i do? Should be use the nvidia webdrivers? I will use my computer for games like CSGO, and about all video editing and photo editing. Other question.. i got problem with the restart... when i use the restart the screen turn in black and dont restart take a lot of time for restart im worried with this topics because i dont know if other guys got it The Ram uses can see here: And sorry for my bad english
  2. I got a big problem, a lot of applications need mavericks 10.9.1 to works and i got 10.9 how i can update to 10.9.4 if i got amd? i only have 2 pc one laptop with windows and the main computer, in this pc i will do the update, Pc build: AMD Fx 8350 8 gb ram 1tb hdd nvidia gtx660ti I will install nvidia official driver but need mavericks in version 10.9.1 or high
  3. I guys, i got a big problem... I boot sucessfull yosemite usb... but my problem is that i use this commands: /amd64 -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes maxmem=4096 USBBusFix=Yes but when the installer was finish.. say me that have a problem during installation 0. but when i use this command and use -x the installation finish sucessfull but when i reboot the bootloader is like the usb installator, black screen and white letters and i need put again the command for boot the system. When i install sucesfull the system i broke the installation for use multibeast not correctly and now i want to install again. I read a lot of topics with the similar problem with amd on this forum but can help me???
  4. Ok my next answer is.. how i can boot my amd i use amdfx but command console say me that cant find this kernel... -.- My pc configuration: AmdFX 8350 8Gb ram 1tb HDD Nvidia geforce gtx660Ti
  5. I will answer one thing... I will do hackintosh but i have this question, i got my nvidia gtx 660 ti from asus. Nvidia got drivers? how can donwload it? In windows i got the version 347 and i got official drivers from nvidia... but... i dont know nothing about my graphic... what can i do?
  6. I dont know why you have low fps. I play lol too and in windows always in 60 fps but in mac 40fps with your same graphic. I install webdriver and cuda nvidia but... I dont know why this problem.
  7. Hi guys, i Will say my problem. This night i see the combo Update and i backup my kernel in the desktop and install him. Meanwhile i restart the computer the bootloader start and boot the s.o but dont appear Apple logo and nothingx Only one Black screen that this restart the cumputer again. What i can do?
  8. Hi guys, i have a big problem... i see the other users in this forum and recomend me update maverick to 10.9.4 but i have a big problem... my cpy is a AMD FX 8350 how i can update with amd fx? only click en update? or need other process Sorry for my english
  9. Hello everyone, the fact is that you have installed maverick on my desktop computer, my processor is amd and not to update to version 10.9.4. I have 3 questions: 1-How do I upgrade using amd? 2-I also own a nvidia graphics and want to know if you need a driver or putting on and works fine, if I have to update the opengl update it. 3-Another of my concerns is that I can not install my adobe suite says that the mac version does not support yet on the forums say that adobe supports maverick ....
  10. Hi guys, i want install one mac in one computer... and its so difficult, my laptop dont works niresh 10.9, and i want install with dual boot in my desktop computer. I will say my hardware. -AMD fx 8350 -8gb ram -Nvidia gtx660ti -usb wireless tp link wn722n -Mother board: asus m5a78l-m USB3 -microsoft lifecam vx-3000 My computer its a beast but need the drivers and the kext.... i dont sure that nvidia gtx660 works... and the usb wireless have atheros ar9271 in hackintoshosx forums i see the kext for yosemite, but in maverick i not sure if the atheros works.... Help me guys!!! i need this drivers!!! come on!!!!! Sorry for my bad english ^^
  11. can install in mountain lion? slytherin no work... failed instalation
  12. works with mountain lion? slytherin failed -.-
  13. Hi guys, i have one problem. My new laptop its a Samsung np300e5c and have this hardware: Intel i5 3210m 2.5 ghz 4 ram Nvidia geforce gt620m But... my laptop tapeworm windows 8.1. I suffered a lot to change it Archlinux, but i dont know her boot options and why not boot from the created niresh usb. In my desktop computer the usb works prefectly but in laptop dont recognise and start arch. What i can do? Sorry for my english. Okay, the boot usb works in My desktop pc and the other laptop, but in My New laptop i try star the niresh maverick with iboot for launch with the log, and the program say me this. Its récord with the camera pause to see the logs.
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