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  1. Yes, I rebooted to the data partition twice. Then I've chosen the macOS drive. Note: I'm using RX 5700 with WhateverGreen and during the installation the monitor kept switching on and off (even when on, I could only see black screen). I decided to reboot, selected the data partition and it went fairly smoothly from there. What I'm saying is, don't panic and keep trying ;) If it fails and boots into the system, for example, just reboot and choose "data".
  2. So I decided to do it. The screen turned off during the update etc. and I had to reset, but after about 30 minutes it completed successfully
  3. My finger is itching, but I'm afraid to do it. I previously updated to 10.15.5 without any problems (installed the latest WhateverGreen, Clover and Lilu before proceeding) and everything is working great on my hackintosh, but updating to the latest version is tempting... Let me know if you try it!
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