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  1. sorry for the late reply. you should be able to get through the setup screen without a network connection. could you give me more info on what your model your wifi adapter and lan adapter Thanks
  2. how close is the bar to the end
  3. Hola, ¿Sería más preciso sobre el mensaje de error?
  4. OK, I have had problems with high sierra before. Have you tried any other versions of mac OS x. If you have a motherboard that support UEFI you may be able to try niresh's version Mojave or even Catalina but if you don't have UEFI bios you are going to have to create a custom USB installer which is a real pain in windows and i wouldn't recommend it. Personally I would try Mac OS x sierra. The only problem with that is it is stating to lose support for apps in the app store
  5. Maybe you could reset the bios then turn on ACPI mode on or try Niresh Mojave
  6. Please could you explain some more
  7. Hmmm, That is a different error message to what I originally thought. How did you create the installer USB and what boot loader did you use?
  8. Or you could change your boot-loader. If you are using Clover you could try Open Core
  9. Hi, Try booting in safe mode to see if the driver installed correctly.
  10. Apple are keen to get rid of NVIDIA cards so Catalina drivers for this card may not be supported. You may have to go for an version of mac OS x like high sierra although I would to see if we can get this working. I am a firm believer In "If there is a will there is a way". Lets See if we can get this working for you. I'm going to leave a link for a YouTube video about fixing NVIDIA cards. I know this is for high Sierra but see if this works on Catalina. Normally these kind of things support newer operating systems. I hope this works for you.
  11. OK, Try updating clover (if there are any)
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