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  1. @ sorry i could not find the dev n vendor id of my wifi, but i just found this: http://postimg.org/image/w652dy8xd/ hope you can fix this issue
  2. @Deepak thanks for the suggestion. I have tried the kext, but it doesnt work. But the app works with some bugs,not so smooth.
  3. I think many people are waiting for it. Anyone have knowledge about making kext, please help us. Thanks
  4. Thanks @ I have solved it by installing win 8.1 first and did a dual boot with your original bootloader and now i can boot to both window n mac. But Could you help me about Wifi, battery and Brightness kext please? only these three are the problems now. I have "Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB-EG Wireless Network Adapter" and i did search for it, but seems no luck. Hope to get reply from you soon. Thanks . PS. I've already tried your all in one solution, But still no luck.
  5. Hi everyone, can you tell me how to make my brightness control work on mavericks( Asus x series laptop)? kindly provide guides or kexts if possible, thanks
  6. Does it work on Asus laptop series? Anyone experienced it? please answer if u do, thk
  7. @deadmau5 I have solved the problem with add the new boot option with clover.efi file. BUT now I face the problem booting into the mavericks again. The apple logo n the spin come out for awhile but then it restarts my PC. Before that, I managed to boot into it using -s flag n use "grafix"--> "grafix backup all" command. But now I used it, n it stucks at [iOBluetooth.....--0•0800 **** error. Please help me on this. Thanks
  8. yeah I have tried to add new boot option, but it has 3 options, name(can be anything), drive(which is already there--the true hdd), FILE PATH(must be in format of fsx:pathfile name.efi). I just cannot input the path and the file name of the efi file and I also don't know what it is
  9. @deadmau5 please have a look at these two: http://postimg.org/image/ylxcxr9o3/ http://postimg.org/image/subhf7kx5/
  10. i installed clover on hdd, but still cannot boot from it. and i think that the main problem for me is The option to boot from my hard disk is lost and left only my DVD rom drive as shown in the picture above. any suggestion to have my hard disk appear in the BIOS again?
  11. sorry, m new to forum posting, so i dont know exactly where is your signature. Please give me the direct link. thanks
  12. Hi everyone, can you please help me a bit? I have problem after I install your maverick successfully and also can do the first boot as well, but then I use multibeast to install some extra things + chimera on the drive I installed mavericks, then I started to boot without USB installer, and I got message prompt "reboot and select proper device to boot". How can I fix this? I cannot boot into the installed drive without USB. Notice that I partition the whole hdd with GUID and can always boot into the os unless I plug in the USB installer to choose drive. The driver priority that i can choose to boot is only my DVD DRIVE ONLY (MATSHITA DVD-RAM..) which my True hdd is ST500LT012... .If i can boot straight in BIOS from my hdd, then everything is solve, but i cannot. Also note that i didnt face boot0 error at all. PLEASE HELP ME OUT, M STUCK ON IT ALMOST A WEEK NOW. thanks in advance. here are photos of errors and drives: http://postimg.org/image/pnenomlbx/ http://postimg.org/image/n6tv9mom5/ http://postimg.org/image/ylxcxr9o3/ http://postimg.org/image/subhf7kx5/ http://postimg.org/image/4y7g2ukv7/ http://postimg.org/image/50z4usgot/
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