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  1. Hi, I just installed the Yosemite but when I boot into the HDD which have OS X installed then I see only this screen https://youtu.be/gz-7PO5naqk?t=3m28s.OS X is running perfectly but I need to type the GraphicsEnabler=No boot flag every time before start.I added it to the config.plist in EFI\CLOVER\config.plist but nothing.Is this a problem?In the customization menu when installing I just added the sata 3 support but nothing else(default settings).If that screen isn't a problem then just tell me where to add that graphics boot flag so I don't need to type it every time when booting into OS X.Thanks.
  2. No one know?Please tell me if you can.
  3. Hi, I have OS X installed on my secondary 320GB Hdd(100GB for OS X and 200GB NTFS for data) and now I want to install a Win 10 tech preview on it.I will made a 80GB partition from the 200GB but how it will affect my OS X? PC: Intel Core i3-2100 Asus P8H61-M LE 1x8GB Kingstone Ram Sapphire HD 7750OC 1TB seagate barracuda(305GB for Windows 7, 626GB for data) 320GB western digital(100GB for OS X 10.9.5, 120GB for data, 80GB clean for Win 10 TP) I have a perfectly working OS X 10.9.5 now and I donĀ“t want to destroy it.How can Win 10 installation affect the OS X?
  4. Hi, I wanna try the new yosemite system but I also don't want to lose my mavericks.Do I need to make it through usb again like mavericks or I can use the app store version?I will also create a new partition.Thanks for reply.
  5. Hi, I have 320GB HDD divided to 200GB and 100GB.I had previously installed mavericks on the 100GB volume working almost perfectly but I deleted it.Can I divide that 100GB volume and install ubuntu on one volume and mavericks on second?And what I need to install first?Sorry for my bad english.Thanks.
  6. No way to boot only with primary montior or active the second one?
  7. Fixed.The problem is my second VGA monitor.I have to unplug it because my primary screen shows only white screen and the second one black screen. Is there a boot flag or something to boot only with my primary HDMI monitor or I have to unplug my second VGA monitor every time I want to boot Mac OS? Or Is there a way to activate the second monitor? Thanks.
  8. So I downloaded the AMDsupport.kext and enabled 1080p mode and I have now 7Mb of graphics memory.
  9. I also tried this http://www.macbreaker.com/2013/03/radeon-7000-hackintosh.html but there is only black screen so I have to connect my second monitor to my motherboard and it stuck on Mac logo and in verbose mode it says something with my graphics kext...failed to load for some reason.
  10. I tried almost all drivers from niresh page...not works.Even this what you posted.
  11. Yeah already done with dsdtse but when I try to edit it with dsdt edit and add lines for my graphic card I cant save it or compile it.
  12. So if in the description of the most drivers in ati section is "DSDT Injection" I don't need the dsdt file?Just install AMD accelerator and amd controller kexts?
  13. Hi, I have a problem with mygraphic in niresh mavericks.Only 3mb of graphics memory and blinking safari and other windows.I cant find my DSDT file so maybe I just dont have it.Can I enable full aceleration of my graphics without dsdt file?I cant use the GraphicsEnabler=Yes because it show me only white grey screen after mac loading logo.And my Mac freezing after boot but I fixed it with Boot ignore cache in chameleon.Please help. My pc: Asus P8H61M-LE Rev3.0 Intel Core i3 2100 Sapphire AMD HD7750 OC 4gb ram
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