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  1. Stuck at Hackintosh Logo (Installation) Hi guys !! I did once an hackintosh on my older laptop but I can't manage to install Mac on this one ! First here the specs of my new laptop : MSI GE62 6QF-072X Apache Pro : - Processor : Intel Core i5-6300HQ (SKYLAKE) (Quad-Core 2.3 GHz / 3.2 GHz Turbo - Cache 6 Mo) - Graphic Card : NVIDIA Maxwell GeForce GTX 970M (3Go) - Motherboard : Msi Megabook GE62 (MS-16J4) So i'm trying to install Yosemite 10.10.1 from Mac On PC. I'm booting to install and i'm just stuck at the first hackinstosh logo (no progress bar just the logo) :/ I tried so many boot flags but none are working... I heard something about new SKYLAKE processors that are not fully compatible for the moment, only with El Capitan. But there is no El Capitan distro from Niresh at the moment so what could I do ? Is there special bootflags for Skylake processors on Yosemite ? If anyone have ideas, or comments, thanks guys !!! EDIT : Also juste to say that when im using -v for diagnose, a long long list of line are going up but its not stucking on something. I just quickly have a blacscreen (i cant see the last line), where im stuck again... schiZophrene
  2. Hi, Like I said, do you only have the nVidia graphic cards on your computer or do you have an integrated card (Intel HD 4XXX normally) with Optimus ? If you have optimus, you can't. If you don't, you can. But I don't know if something special is required for two cards in SLI. Google is your best friend
  3. Hi, Like I said, do you only have the nVidia graphic cards on your computer or do you have an integrated card (Intel HD 4XXX normally) with Optimus ? If you have optimus, you can't. If you don't, you can. But I don't know if something speciabout two cards in SLI. Google is your best friend
  4. Yeah sure, so did you install the full Intel Kexts ? Use Multibeast or this : https://www.maconpc.com/files/file/213-macpois0n-mavericks/
  5. Ahah indeed yeah, it's quite an adventure Yeah you can use Multibeast, it's a great tool. So what about the graphic card, is it working ?
  6. Ohhh did you only install AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext ? If yes, yeah there is others kexts you should install. Just use Multibeast or download HD4000 kexts from internet. There is defenetely a few more kexts to install, not just one. Hope it will works dude
  7. Hi, Did you try this : https://www.maconpc.com/page/osx86.html/hackintosh/articles/how-to/intel-hd4000-and-haswell-igpu-r12/ (Link dead) So actually, try values from to 0 to 15 in IntelCapriFB or IntelAzulFB, depending on ur GPU type. Hope it will works
  8. Hi mate, To install kexts, use Kext Wizard. Find the kexts of your sound card and then install them. If it's not working, try voodoo Audio kexts. Cheers
  9. Hi ! Don't worry it's normal ahah, every new Intel Generation do this. Install 10.9, not 10.8 You just have to boot with this flag : xpcm-free Then ur wifi won't work, it's like that for every laptop. But ur ethernet should work with the proper kexts (you can also buy a usb wireless adapter, it will works). Do you have an integrated graphic card ? If not, you should be able to make work your NVIDIA. If yes (with Optimus), you can't make work ur NVIDIA (because you can't choose which graphic you run). But looks like you don't have an integrated card, hopefully for you ! Hope it will helps
  10. Hi mate ! Here it is for your bootflags : http://www.macbreaker.com/2012/01/list-of-common-hackintosh-boot-flags_29.html So yeah, there is something with ur graphic card obviously, make sure you installed your Intel kexts in "/System/Library/Extensions" using "Kext Wizard", and Repair permissions and Rebuild cache, it could helps. Installing ur graphic cards should remove some bootflags hopefully. But if there is still problems, you can edit your "Org.chameleon.Boot.plist" using "Chameleon Wizard" if you got Chameleon Bootloader or the Clover Configurator if you got Clover, to boot everytime with a bootflag. Hope it will help you.
  11. Are you sure you have the Intel kexts installed in "/System/Library/Extensions" ?
  12. @nagu2422 Oh ok ! You can try, it could work probably
  13. @nagu2422 No your Hackintosh is not waste... I mean, you're looking to play games on Hackintosh ? You got windows for this ! With the Intel 4400 you can do everything except plays games like COD, Diablo3 of course. If you want to play games, just go to windows, it's defenetely better. And I'm sorry but for now, there is no solution !
  14. Do you have two partitions ? I guess yes... Make sure the second one is unllocated so you can transform it to NTFS If you don't have two partions but one with Macintosh on it : Go to Mac, and split your HDD with the Utility Disk.
  15. Sorry dude, but laptop with Optimus can't make work the NVIDIA graphic card, it's the same for me... You can only work your Intel HD 4400. For this, make sure you installed the Intel kexts. Then if it's not working, go to your Org.chameleon.Boot.plist via ChameleonWizard, and try this : https://www.maconpc.com/hackintosh/articles/how-to/intel-hd4000-and-haswell-igpu-r12/ (so to your "Org.chameleon.Boot.plist" try values between 0 to 15 in "Intel Azul/Capri FB", by looking if your GPU is Haswell or Ivy Bridge) Try also SkipNvidiaGfx= Yes or GraphicEnabler= Yes/No Also, google is your best friend Cheers
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