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  1. I can't get anywhere I get stucked just after the installation, won't boot up, I try 4 times now, and I tried all the possible flags to boot up (-v -x -f -F -s) nothing at all, any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. I installed Mavericks on the laptop but when I reboot won't come up, so now I boot from the usb again using the flags and then do what you described on the above post? Thanks.
  3. Hi lets go in order, 1 - ok - at the prompt terminal I install with amd -v is this correct? 2 - when you say 'boot into installation drive again' - what do u mean? After the installation ask you to boot anyway and then (for me) it's there that won't boot. 3 - Where do I get this 'utilities' if computer won't boot up? 4 - I understood that the file is in the usb and I need to copy that into the chameleon.boot.plist (changing the name from amd64 into mach_kernel)? 5 - ok 6 - at this point should boot take you to the terminal or should boot as per normal? sorry if I keep asking but as you can see I'm a newbie, probably for you it's easy but for me at the moment it's a nightmare lol, thanks anyway because you explained that well.
  4. Hi thanks to clarify the first point, but I'm still a little bit confused about how to insert the file into the boot section. Lets see if I understood the procedure, install (os X mavericks 10.9), then once I have the computer up and running, browse into the USB, and search for a file called AMD64, and then put that in the drive where (10.9) is installed, what about the 'boot flags' where to put them and how to add, and also, I need to use chameleon or there's a way around? Thanks.
  5. Hi I have few questions about it, how do open (and what is it) terminal (is like in windows it's called 'command prompt?'), is the file (amd64) in the usb pen (with mavericks), if doesn't work where shall I put the 'flag' 'KernelCache=mach_kernel'? Thanks.
  6. Hi guys I've an ASUS X53U with this specs: AMD APU C60 (64 bit) AMD Radeon HD 6290 Gigabit Ethernet Atheros AR9285 I install ok, but then when I reboot wont start any help please? Thanks.
  7. I try this with my computer. So if I use an intel which one I should use it? If I can I've another question, I know that multibeast is used for kexts, but you need to choose them, is there any other program that scan your computer and search for the best kexts to install? Thanks.
  8. I re-installed again but no luck, then I was reading and I found out that as boot loader I'm using iboot but apparently for AMD (with mavericks 10.9) the loader to use is chameleon, but there are few out there can you point me a good one please and also is good for a 64bit? Thanks.
  9. Can you tell me how to add the amdfx boot please.
  10. So I need to re-install all and put amdfx with or without -v? And about option what you mean can you explain please, thanks.
  11. Hi I read, downloaded and installed, but when the computer rebooted, but is stucked on the apple screenshot and wont boot up, any suggestions please, by the way, reading the guide when I installed I've a doubt I wrote amd -v looking at mine specs should I put amd64? Thanks.
  12. I do my best I started to read and I will you know how will go, thanks anyway.
  13. Hi thanks for your reply, Realtek Audio, where I can find the niresh distro and please is there any guide how to install, thanks.
  14. Hi I'm new on here and in the world of hack (as well lol) I was looking for a post about the laptops but I couldn't find it, I post below my specs. ASUS X53U CPU (AMD C-60 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.00 GHz) Graphic Card (AMD Radeon HD 6290) Motherboard Chipset (AMD K12 IMC) Wlan (Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter) Ethernet (Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller) Audio Card (Altec Lansing Speakers) Let me know if more info needed thanks.
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