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  1. Hello, Long time has passed since I searched and tried to get APUs integrated graphics working on OSX. There are any news or some progress regarding this?
  2. I don't think the integrated ones work but it worth a try.
  3. Hello. I've tried tons of ways to try to get my A6-6400K integrated graphics working, but it didn't came out pretty well. The integrated graphics still does not work and I'm also looking forward to see APUs with integrated graphics working. I asked a while ago for a place to start to try make a kext for it but no one answered. Until we get an answer and it is possible to run integrated graphics from APUs on Niresh's OSX you should buy a dedicated graphics card to have fully working graphics. P.S.: I hope that someone will take a look at those APUs and try to get them working, or at least, give us a place to start.
  4. Maybe this could help you: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/88-realtekrtl8111-binaryzip/ or this: http://www.osx86.net/file/1243-realtek-ethernet-1061071081091010-25042013/
  5. If someone could give us a point to start at least, I could help. But yeah, 'til then, I hope someone will start develop for amd apu graphics.
  6. Try Mavericks 10.9, also, check my PM.
  7. Did anyone managed to get this working ? Or it will never work?
  8. Give a try to Niresh 10.9, you will probably get it working. I had Niresh's 10.9 OS X installed on my A6-6400K APU and it worked, except the integrated graphics. Besides that, everything worked like a charm.
  9. I'm glad that it works. Mine still doesn't works.
  10. Have you tried Clover Bootloader and used InjectATI + Load VBios options?
  11. Well, I think that AMDRadeonAccelerator doesn't works anymore with Mavericks, I get all kinds of errors, I would recommend you to delete it from System/Library/Extensions. I've done some modifications in kexts to get my GPU running, but I couldn't get it. Anyway, you can edit the ID's like this: Copy the kexts you want to edit to Desktop, right click on the one you want to edit --> click Show Package Contents --> enter in Contents folder --> right click on Info.plist and Open With Text Editor --> then find IOPCIMatch and add your device id. Then, install the edited kexts with Kext Wizard then repair permissions and cache.
  12. Did you tried any kexts? Did you tried Clover bootloader? Do you get any errors? Do you get low VRAM? Be more explicit about your problem, so me and others can tell you an accurate answer.
  13. Remove AMDRadeonAccelerator.kext. Do you get to the log in screen when you're using that flags?
  14. When you get to Clover bootloader, go to Options --> Graphics Injector --> and check Load VBios and InjectATI. See if it's working. Also boot with -v, so you can see the booting log. Right before getting to login screen you should see a line like: AMDxxxxxGraphicsController: * Device in slot: Slot-1 * If you get to login screen after this line, it might be working, I don't know, because from my experience after I get that line, my PC is restarting. If I don't get that it's all good but the video card it's still not working.
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