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  1. BTW!...just wanted to thank you again for your help
  2. yes..got in running! Thank you so much for your help. I am trying to get the radeon hd 8550g graphics working. i got ethernet, working. wifi half way works.. it detects the card and the card detects networks but won't connect to any network with a passphrase. Also need to get the battery detected. Audio also..THe biggest thing is i need help patching the dsdt for the graphics
  3. Update: Mavericks is installing. I used the flags amd -v -x npci=0x2000 IGPEnabler=Yes UseKernelCache=Yes. Will report back after installation!
  4. Well man i finally managed to enaBLE ahci. the original problem was that my bios didnt have that option so i had to run an efi shell at bootup and run setup_0x39 0x0 to change it. so after booting to niresh again and adding the flags i GOT A LOT FURTHER!! but i got stuck somewhere else;/ after reboot now im just getting stuck at the same waiting for root device?! But i can confirm that ahci is enabled
  5. Although I did skip the Mac Pro and sata3 because I'm on a laptop
  6. Wow man that helped a lot. I'm at least getting somewhere now. I now get stuck on (of course) "still waiting for root device" so I'm trying to figure that out. My bios doesn't have an ahci option but from researching I found out that it is supposed to be enabled by default. I tried adding the flags ahcidisk=8 and debug=8 and I get this: "see attached"
  7. Hey Guys, I have been trying to Install Mavericks on my HP Envy TS 15-j009wm. I have tried every boot flag, and kernel i can think of. All i get is a few lines and then a reboot. HP Envy Touchsmart 15-J009wm AMD A8-5550m APU Radeon HD 8550g Graphics 8gb Ram. Let me know if you need anything else. May be able to donate with paypal if you can help me get it running.
  8. Hi guys, i've been working on installing Mavericks on my hp envy touch smart 15-j009wm. I have tried every boot flag and kernel i can think of. All i get is an instant reboot after it runs just a few lines. Specs: AMD A8-5550m Radeon HD 8550g graphics 8gb Ram Let me know anything else you need. May donate with paypal if someone can help me get it running.
  9. Hey would you mind giving me a little help as to how you installed it?
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