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  1. I have same problem with this guy, In my only show Intel 630 7Mb. After I try whatevergreen version 1.4 and restart. My PC stuck at black screen and can’t boot.
  2. Thank you for your reply! I have try update via App Store, but after restart and choose "Install from ..." only show black screen and some row of white information. It's stuck here. I saw some guy facing the same problem in this forums My spec: GA-H110M-DS2 RAM 16G SSD 240G Kingstons.
  3. Hi everybody, wish you get healthy! I need setup Catalina 15.5 from USB How to update Niresh Catalina dmg to 15.5 Thank you!
  4. I’m not change anything. At screen select Hard disk to install, after select disk choose Customize at bottom left, select Wifi and Ethernet (I don’t remember exactly the words). I have try eraser Hard disk and reinstall 3 times. After 3 time install the Ethernet fixed.
  5. I have try reinstall and choose Kext Customize after choose Hard disk to install. After 2 time reinstall, and my Ethernet worked.
  6. It's not work with me. My PC only show Black Screen and some row of white word.
  7. Hi everybody, wish you getting healthy! I have try download kext of Realtek from Download zone and use Kext Wizard to install it. After restart not thing happen! thank you!
    I don't know PayPal, Is there a different way to Donate for you?
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