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  1. I had the same sort of problem on my AMD FX 8350 it would work for a few minutes maybe an hour and randomly freeze. what fixed it for me was. i updated the bootloader and added the flags in the config file npci=0x2000.
  2. OK, I sold my PC the other day and bought my self a HP Laptop. For some reason i can not install Mavericks i had it working on my AMDFX 8350 PC Perfectly. I get this error EFI Not supported. I've tried all the boot flags so far that i know of. These, AMD64 & ANDFX, seem to give me a kernel panic, AMD, HP & ATOM casue a instant reboot. I use AMD64 -x GraphicsEnabler=Yes USBBusFix=Yes and the same for AMDFX I have a AMD CPU/GPU = APU Processor name: AMD A4-5000 APU With Radeon HD Laptop name: HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15-n023se @ Help will be much appreciated
  3. Im Having the same problem on a laptop if I do amd64 I get black screen if I do amd or HP etc I get instant reboot and I've tried common flags same error
  4. Hello, Ive wanted to update Mavericks but my last attempt Failed and i was stuck in a Reboot Loop, People are saying With AMD its not possible or it's too complicated, I've got Mavericks running perfect on my AMDFX 8 Core Processor, Really don't want to go down the road of reinstalling everything again, So anyone know or anything that i can do this without messing up. Thanks
  5. This fixed my problem by adding this amdfx -x -v
  6. As you may now I have been checking files and files with update and update and nothing i have been reading post by post and new and old fixes for access to iMessage are no good From what i have been reading for hours, The serial number of hackintosh is no more accepted by their servers ... for now we are out of their services. Now if anyone finds out a Fix for Maverricks and Has it fully working would be great to share it. I've tried everything from Spoofing Serials, EFI Injects, PlatformUUID, Modifying Ethernet, tried FileNVRAM.dylib method. NOTHING, We need someone to be able to Emulate the Mac server communications to allow as to be able to access their Servers. I'm sure they have Server Hash checks or something someone needs to work on this as people may not use it but you can't call it a complete working Mac OS if parts do not work.
  7. After all the pain and trouble of trying to get this to work thanks to deadmau5 for Helping me on this I now have a fully working Desktop.
  8. Ah could you help me do you have Skype or something if you do PM.
  9. Did installing Mavericks fix the USB problem please let me know.
  10. I have the same problem did you manage to fix it if so let me know.
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